How to Remove Go Safe Search from PC (Easy Tutorial)

8 Oct

Go Safe Search is a browser-hijacker that gets inside the targeted PC secretly. It adds an extension “Go Safe” in the browser that does all the suspicious and malicious activities for the cyber-criminals. The users often click on its related … Read More »

Remove .brrr Files Virus: Easy Guide To Delete

6 Oct

Complete Solution To Uninstall .brrr Files Virus My Windows Operating System has been locked down and file has been encrypted by .brrr Files Virus. So that I am unable to access any files and perform any task as earlier. While … Read More »

Remove New Dharma Ransomware: Effective Guide To Delete

6 Oct

Easy Steps To Uninstall New Dharma Ransomware from PC New Dharma Ransomware is a file encryption virus that is one of the dangerous members of Dharma Family. This perilous virus was born in the month of September 2018. The other … Read More »

Remove .bgtx file virus (Ransomware Removal and File Recovery)

6 Oct

.bgtx file virus is a file encrypting malware that can encrypt various types of files and folders stored in the PC. It primarily encrypts the files that are most used by the users including their MS Office docs, multimedia file, … Read More »

How to Remove PUA.DataOwnerWinRep from PC (Complete Process)

6 Oct

Has your PC got infected with PUA.DataOwnerWinRep? Does your work-station working very weirdly and is unable to perform normal tasks? Do you see bogus alerts and error messages? Does your commands doesn’t gets executed successfully? If yes then you are … Read More »

How to Remove Koolova Ransomware (Recover Encrypted Files)

6 Oct

Koolova Ransomware is quite an old malware that basically encrypts the files and folders and makes it totally inaccessible. It uses the powerful AES-256 encryption cipher for file encryption. The locked files extension gets changed to “.encrypted” and then you … Read More »

How to Remove Driver Maximizer Permanently (Easy Solution)

6 Oct

The developer and promoters of Driver Maximizer present this application as a PC driver fixer and optimization tool. It claims that this application will automatically update the PC drivers and also downloads the new drivers when you reinstall the Operating … Read More »

Remove Easy way To Delete

5 Oct

Simple Process To Uninstall from PC is a dubious website that tries to present itself a genuine search provider. It claims to improve user’s online browsing habits by the providing best and quick searching results. By claiming enhance … Read More »

Remove Free Forms Now: Easy Guide To Delete

5 Oct

Simple Steps To Uninstall Free Forms Now from PC Free Forms Now is a rogue or nasty application that seems so legit and useful program that provides various printable documents forms. Judging on first inspection this function may legit and … Read More »

How to remove virus (Quick Method)

5 Oct virus is a very perilous, nuisance and risky malware infection that disturbs the overall System performance. After settling down, it locks several important files and programs and makes them totally inaccessible. When users try to access them, a ransom … Read More »