Remove .Thor file virus (How to uninstall .Thor file virus permanently)

27 Oct

Decrypt .Thor file virus manually with simple process .Thor file virus is a cryptovirus ransomware which has been circulating over Internet in past few days. It quickly locks or encrypts the targeted personal files of users and displays the ransom … Read More »

Method to remove pop-up

26 Oct

Simple tips to eliminate pop-up pop-up is a suspicious malware infection that comes under category of both adware and browser hijacker infection. It has been developed by group of cyber criminals with their wrong motive and evil intention. … Read More »

Tips to remove

26 Oct

Remove from Firefox/Chrome/IE If your Window PC got trapped with browser hijacker threat and you are finding hard to eliminate it then you don’t have to worry now. The solution given here will allow you uninstall this nasty … Read More »

Remove .perl extension virus (How to uninstall .perl extension virus)

26 Oct

Tutorial to decrypt .perl extension virus easily .perl extension virus is another addition in the ransomware category that locks the personal files of users and encrypts it. When user tries to access it, an error message appears over the screen. … Read More »

Remove pop-ups (How to uninstall bogus Tech-Support Notification)

26 Oct

How to Uninstall pop-ups permanently pop-ups are bogus notification that is triggered by cyber-criminals in order to cheat the innocent victims. Mostly, the related pop-ups say that the work-station is infected with severe malware and it will get … Read More »

Uninstall from Computer in few clicks (solved)

25 Oct

Process to detect and remove from System, it is a Potentially Unwanted Program based browser hijacker infection which has been created with the main intention to manipulate the Internet Users. As the Users will go to this threat’s … Read More »

Uninstall .Shit file virus from Computer: Remove .Shit file virus

25 Oct

Easy way to eliminate .Shit file virus from System The .Shit file virus has been in the wild for very nearly a year now and hasn’t endured a scarcest decrease in its revolution pace over this timeframe. Despite what might … Read More »

Remove (Manual Process to delete

25 Oct

How to uninstall permanently is a bogus notification that claims user to update the programs like flash player, Online media steaming player, Java-script files and so on. Remember that any of such claims that open randomly while Online … Read More »

Remove WEBPOISK21.RU (How to Uninstall WEBPOISK21.RU Permanently)

25 Oct

Delete WEBPOISK21.RU with Simple Process WEBPOISK21.RU is a nasty browser hijacker that does so many suspicious and unwanted modifications in the browser files and settings illegally without permission. Its appearance is very legitimate and attractive but it is actually an … Read More »

Remove Cerber 4.0.2: Uninstall Cerber 4.0.2 from Computer

24 Oct

Process to detect and delete Cerber 4.0.2 from System Cerber 4.0.2 is a suspicious program categorised as Ransomware infection. This threat has been created by some bunch of Cyber Crooks with the main intention to illegally make some money from … Read More »