Kaspersky Releases Decryptor for Jaff Ransomware

15 Jun

A senior PC security analyst from Kaspersky Labs has releases a decryptor for popular Jaff Ransomware. This is very good news for all the victims of Jaff ransomware who data and files got amended with .jaff, .svn or .wlu extension. The decryptor is totally free and is available for all the version of Jaff ransomware. If you notice these files extension in your work-sJaffon then this confirms the presence of this ransomware.

Rakhni Decryptor: The decrypt key for Jaff Encrypted files

Before using the decryptor, you first have to terminate the ransomware. So, open the Windows Task Manger through pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard all together. Search for the process which is duplicates and has random names. For example, SKM_C224e9930.exe represents the variants of Jaff process so kill them using End Process button. If you are a novice user then you may run a powerful anti-malware tool which will thoroughly scan your work-sJaffon and automatically delete such harmful process for you.

Download the Rakhni Decryptor and extract the program and run it. The main screen will be displayed on the screen as shown below.

The version should be because this supports Jaff Ransoomware. To check the version, click on the “About” link present at the bottom of above shown screen.  A small message pop ups which shows the Rakhni Decryptor version.

Click on the start scan option and Rakhni Decryptor will automatically ask you to select the encrypted files. You can browser the folder to search for the files amended with .jaff, .svn or .wlu extensions.

Select the ransom note present in the folder as well. Once the ransom note is also selected, click on Open button so that Rakhni Decryptor can scan the entire PC to search encrypted files and decrypt them.

This can take some time to complete so you have to be keep patience. The completed message will be shown on the display once the process gets completed. You can also see the full list of file decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor.

The files will be decrypted and will automatically be stored in its original place. Now, you can close the Rakhni Decryptor.

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