16 Oct

About SOUNDMIXER\SOUNDMIXER.EXE If you notice SOUNDMIXER\SOUNDMIXER.EXE in the running process of your PC then this is a confirmation that your work-station has been infected with a potentially unwanted program. It is actually added by DEDLET-G-TROJAN. Its files location is very … Read More »

How to Remove QWIGET 1.0.1 Permanently

14 Oct

Complete Details on QWIGET 1.0.1 QWIGET 1.0.1 is a potentially unwanted program that ruins up the overall System performance after making its way in the marked PC. It secretly gets inside the PC through sources like peer-to-peer file sharing networks, … Read More »

How to Fix EMODEM.DLL (Removal Process)

14 Oct

Steps to Uninstall EMODEM.DLL Permanently EMODEM.DLL is a perilous infection that attacks the marked PC secretly and ruins its overall performance. It can attack any Windows based PC and browser and ruins its overall performance. There are cyber-criminals behind the … Read More »

How To Remove Clikz Extension

13 Oct

Details To Eliminate Clikz Extension From Browsers Clikz Extension is another new risky adware infection that is capable to infect a Windows system and its browsers. Getting installed, it brings a plenty of disturbing advertisements on browsers while connected to … Read More »

Remove BTCWare PayDay (Tips to Uninstall BTCWare PayDay Permanently)

12 Oct

About BTCWare PayDay BTCWare PayDay is a data-encrypting malware that has been developed by cyber-criminals under Hidden Tear Ransomware Project. According the security analyst, this malware uses very strong combination of AES and RSA encryption technology for encryption. Like other … Read More »


12 Oct

Tips To Eradicate DREAMSCREEN\DREAMSCREEN.SCR DREAMSCREEN\DREAMSCREEN.SCR is another newly detected malware infection or a program that is being regularly reported by victims worldwide. Experts have cleared this program is completely a massive advert application or adware which secretly assails inside computer … Read More »

How to Uninstall TablacusApp (Removal Guide)

11 Oct

Delete TablacusApp with Simple Steps TablacusApp is a potentially unwanted program and cyber-experts categorize it as a malware. It intrusion is very silent and it constantly ruins in the background. Once it settles down, you will notice as sudden increase … Read More »

Remove DISK\SECUREDISK.EXE: Complete Solution to Uninstall

9 Oct

Steps by Steps to Delete DISK\SECUREDISK.EXE DISK\SECUREDISK.EXE is a nasty application that comes under the category of potentially unwanted program(PUP). It has been invented by the team of cyber crook with main intention to makes money through cheat’s innocent users. … Read More »